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My Unikname

Let’s talk about your @unikname. Any discussions about how and where you use it, its features and properties, are here.

Unikname for business

Let’s talk about integration of Unikname with other platforms and systems. This category contains discussions about Unikname solutions for businesses like Unikname Connect
4 blockchain

Let’s talk about the Blockchain making Unikname up and running.


Let’s talk about developments topics : code, SDK, API, releases, protocols, tips… Discussions related to Unikname solutions (e.g. Unikname Connect), to universal-name-system network, to UNS protocol, to integrations…

News & Announcement

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Forum Life and Feedbacks

Forum means discussion of the discussion itself instead of the actual topic of the discussion. We also call this the #forum-life-feedbacks category.