A delegate is not forging on Livenet

Hi people at Unikname and @network_player

Have you notice that tom.magnum.357 delegate has been down or unsynchronized for 17 days? It’s a bit long, don’t you think?

@magnum user, it is your node? (I think so as he is the only forum user registered in the network_player group with magnum in his name :wink:)

What can we do?

Agreed. We should upvote one of the individual standby delegate

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Yes, tom.magnum.357 has not been forging on UNS.network for days. We have tried to reach him by the forum and by email, without success.

As explained in the roadmap for sept-oct, a new consensus will reduce the effect of big individual cryptoaccounts and a voting system will be launched on the My Unikname application.

Network players with a low availability will be naturally evicted after this.

No action and no contact after 17 days mean this delegate has self-ejected himself from the network.

I agree! But for who?
@Atouk, Nigui, Mayflower, Nitro: are you ready to become an active delegate? There is only one place :smiley:
The 3 last standby NP don’t seem to have Forum accounts.

I’m ready ! I need to update, i didn’t had time last week.

Great @Atouk!
I will upvote you with some of my UNS tokens.

Atouk is missing ~104,000 UNS as votes, so I can vote for @Atouk with ~10,000 UNS to help him.

What other delegate can do that ?

Hi @dlecan on vacation for a while my digitalocean VPS was out of credit !
I’ve fixed it and restarted the node with this command :

sudo docker-compose pull && sudo docker-compose up -d --remove-orphans

But the node does not resync!

This is not the first time I meet this issus of lack of resync. To solve it I used to reinstall all the node from scratch but I would prefer another solution.

Any clue to help ?

Welcome back @magnum !
As a workaround i will suggest to dump the logs in a file and transmit it to UNS Support team, then drop the database and restart from a fresh one using:

sudo docker-compose down -v && sudo docker-compose up -d --remove-orphans

Note that it will resync your node’s database from the genesis block which can take fews minutes (maybe hours?)

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Welcome back :muscle:
@Atouk, stay tuned :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Welcome back @magnum,

Your node forked a long time ago, maybe too long to be able to roll back some many blocks on its own.

We may introduce a command to force a rollback of a node to a specific block (before the fork block of your node) to handle this case in a future version, but it is not planned.

You must therefore roll back to the 1st block and resynchronize from with a command similar to the one provided by @Pierre earlier.

Thank’s @Pierre. It seems working. Resync has restarted from genesis block.
So the tip is the option -v to clean the db.

Hi @dlecan any ref to help me to understand this ? To me there’s no reasons my node forked by itself. I’ve not change your code.

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