[ACTION REQUIRED] UNS nodes not forging: Muscadet and Cryptodidacte

Hi Muscadet and Cryptodidacte,

Your nodes have not forged for several days, it is high time to do something.
Several other delegates are waiting for your seat :sweat_smile:

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What can we do to help?

It would be legit from @unikname team to upvote some functionnals delegates ! not forging delegates are lowering the chain speed and the network security !!


Muscadet voters:

@Mayflower is in the list with 9 830,968 UNS of votes maybe its time to change his vote ? (if you are reading this :slight_smile: )

I agree, that’s why we are calling these delegates to restore their node.

We are in the blockchain world, so such power would be excessive :smiley:
However, users have the power to change this situation by switching the delegate they support.

In the next weeks, it will be much easier to support a delegate, to change our mind with My Unikname application.
The next version of UNS.network will also cap the support of all crypto-accounts of users to 10,000 UNS.

  • 190 857 UNS are needed to be ranked before Cryptodidacte
    The only wallets who have this amount are other delegates and Unikname wallets.
    There is no official way to buy some UNS.
    Lambda users have around 10 UNS so it would mean 19 000 voting users!!

Why delegates would be willing to vote for another one ??
If you think in term economy, not forging delegates are reducing inflation of UNS potential value.

In blockchain world there is no concept of trust! The fact that @unikname team is able to change the delegate ranking may be questionable, but today, users can only trust on @unikname team actions!
Who will complain about @unikname “fixing” the chain by chosing functionnal delegates ?
Considering they are the only able to do it and also the most intersted in doing it.

A second option would be new Organizations to register as delegate. there is still 3 “free” places


Vote transfered to @tom.magnum.357

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@Atouk @SteveDsp are your nodes ready to forge ?


I’m always ready to help.

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@network_player what you think about that?

I’m agree with @Pierre.
as new functionalities why not add a function which will remove a delegate who has not forged for a certain period of time (eg: 7 days)?

Because this is an attack vector of the network.

Yes my node is ready

What would remove mean in that context ? Forever ? For a little while ? Invalidate all the votes for them so that people have to revote them in ?

I may actually like that last one…

yes the last idea is interesting!

What we think about excluding an inactive forger ?

A random idea : if all the forgers (Individual, Organization) vote unanimously, a forger could be excluded. More precisely, any forger would have a veto and can break the vote. Any forger can start an excluding process and the expected excluded node could not vote to save his ass.

We see that IRL it’s pretty difficult to reach a consensus, so it’s would be harder to reach unanimity.

A forger could stop forging for any reasons, bad or involuntary. We don’t have the right to judge that.

And I agree, no forger can (especially orga) could arbitrary exclude a forger.

Let’s debate on that !

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For information, to “ban” a delegate is only possible with the community reallocating their votes to another delegate

Hi @network_player
following this discussion, in the short term we are moving towards the use of the voting rights of the unikname team to promote pending registered delegates.

Technically, we’re going to move a calculated amount of UNS tokens from the network funds to big voters unik:1:unikname-big-voter*xxx. Each one will vote for pending registered delegates with an efficient running node.

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