[AIRDROP] Community growth

Hi folks,
As you know attraction around the Unikname project is the key to success!
Every UNS holders has benefits on promote the solution because on the success of Unikname will depend the future price of your tokens !

So the game is simple:
I will offer 200 UNS to the first 15 people who achieve these 3 steps:

  • follow Unikname on twitter (@UnikName_UNS): https://twitter.com/UnikName_UNS

  • Like Unikname on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UniknameConnect

  • Post/comment on twitter or facebook to say how much you love unikname and the bright future you predict for this technology :slight_smile:

  • Post a Screenshot or a link to your message on this thread alongside your @unikname to get paid

Thats it

/!\ Attention /!
Unikname provide the opportunity to connect annonymously around the world wide web!
But posting any information wich could link your unikname with your facebook or twitter account may receal your idendity…
Thus, you can send your proof of participation in MP.
You can also create a fresh new unikname to claim your rewards here :slight_smile:

PS: My UNS stake is not so high so i can’t propose more token to airdrop if I want to keep my delegate rank. But other delegates are welcome to participate as well :slight_smile:

PS2: Voting for delegates is not available in the app but for advanced users you can use the CLI to do it.
Any vote will be appreciated :slight_smile:

Install the CLI here: https://help.unikname.com/3-unikname-connect/howto-install-uns-cli.html

Vote for me using the CLI:

uns delegate:vote @theblackcat --passphrase "<YOUR PASSPHRASE HERE>"

You also should announce this on Twitter :smile_cat:

I just did it ! Plz retweet :slight_smile:

Unikname team should participate to this effort! this sounds like a community booty program to me!

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They did one not so long ago :thinking:


We are working on a such program :slight_smile:
More news soon :wink:

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