Bug about create unikname in IOS app

Task type (Feedback/Writing/…): Feedback Bug

- Your OS (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS): IOS
- Version (for My Unikname App only): 4791515 (latest)
- @unikname used during your test: @tanakatadashi
- Task dates: 10/04/2021
- @unikname for your reward: @tanakatadashi

Bug 1:
I had try to test create unikname in My Unikname App. When i create up to 4 unikname, i can’t create more. When click “get My @unikname” nothing happen (Don’t have any error or notification or anything like that). But if i create a new shortcut (Add to Homescreen), it will work like new app and can create up to 4 more unikname.

Bug 2:
When in create unikname screen, if app auto lock (need use pincode for unlock), it will show a screen can buy 0 letter name with very cheap price (1UNS)


thank you @tanakatadashi for reporting these bugs!
they are important to improve the quality of our products :slight_smile:

We’re investigating, thank you for your feedback.

Check your Unikname ID cryptoaccount in the coming hours :gift:

→ here it is https://explorer.uns.network/transaction/2c6cf98b2b0afb6205169be212ab17113c59e2c1c2f1619668755b7e7b3855af

Hey @tanakatadashi, thank you for reporting My Unikname app issues! Your help is precious.

We’ve just released a new version of the app (efa26db). You can update now!

More explanations on what you’ve found:

  • Bug 1:

You’ve found the limitation we’ve recently added to the “get unikname” process to prevent abuses. Unfortunately, the explanation dialog didn’t show off, making users confused about “why nothing is happening?”. After the update, you’ll see direct feedback with explanations.
Second point: you’ve found a workaround for this limitation on iOS. For now, it’s how Safari is dealing with progressive web apps. You can have multiple instances of your app. We don’t want to take more counter-measures for now, to prevent Unikname mass acquisition. So we just make it more painfull to get another Unikname.

  • Bug 2:

Thanks to you, this specific case won’t be possible for our users on our new version.
I don’t know if you tried to go to the next step, but in reality, it wasn’t possible. The reason is that after app restart, all runtime data were wiped. That’s why UI is empty (no unikname, no price except static fees).

Appreciate your reward and have a good day.

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