Can not login to my wordpress website using unikname plugin


I have recently installed unikname connect plugin into my wordpress website
I followed the instruction on

The problem is on my website, it does not work but it works fine on (another wordpress website which was setup with the help of Unikname team)

Here are the callback URL for 2 sites, I guess this is the cause :
Not working
Working perfectly

Have you some more informations? Error in screen, in console? At which step of authentcation? What is your authentication process? Thank you :slight_smile:

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Please, check carefully:

  • Unikname Connect @unikname
  • Unikname Connect secret

Thank you

Hi Fabien,

Thank you for your support. This problem is solved, unikname is working perfectly on my website.

Many thanks to unikname team! :tada: :tada: :tada:



Awesome! :slight_smile:

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