Care about space disk!

Hi fellow network players.
Just a little post about space disk.
My node was offline a few days because of lack of space disk.
So don’t forget to prune older docker container et maybe purge logs.

I think 20Go of space disk will not be enough soon.

Do you have some advice to deal with that ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Consider to configure log rotation. You can achieve this at global docker lever or even in docker-compose.yml !

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Thank Pierre for this tip. I’m not familiar with docker, do you have some proposal to configure log rotation?
kind regards


Logs are handled by Docker itself.
This may help you (especially rotation)

Yes, you’ll need to add more space to your VPS :slight_smile:


I’m back :slight_smile:
you can activate docker log rotation globally by adding or editing the file /etc/docker/daemon.json

my daemon.json looks like this:
{"log-driver": "json-file", "log-opts": { "max-size": "10m", "max-file": "3" }}


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