Creation of more than 2000 Uniks in October 11th

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Probably a stress test :wink: ?!!

We’ve identified it and next version of UNS core will implement more spamming protections. (We’re going to publish more about it)

Anyhow we know that they all have been created with a freemium COUPON so they are all more than 15 chars long. (we don’t know by-design who use a COUPON but we know how many times it has been used).

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It raises for me a important question: when one creates a Unikname, their cryptoaccount is by default funded with 10 UNS (UNS flow), and this UNS can be used like normal tokens (sent to another cryptoaccount, used for Unik update fees, etc). It means that currently anyone can generate a large amount of free Uniks and send all their “default” UNS to its own cryptoaccount, and thus “create value from nothing”.

In my mind, one solution could be to “lock” these 10 UNS to the created cryptoaccount so that they can only be used to pay fees (Unik update, disclosure, etc), and don’t allow these tokens to be transferred to another cryptoaccount.

I don’t know what it’s worth, just an idea.

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