Delegate @zzzzzzzz - 50% forging rewards sharing! 🤯

Hi everyone! :smile:


I am a new delegate running a UNS node in Amsterdam. My unikname is @zzzzzzzzzz I have noticed that no delegate is sharing forging rewards right now. I want to be the first to do it.


I propose to share 50% of the generated forging rewards with my voters.

Users who vote for me will get a fraction of the UNS I create running my UNS forger node proportionnally to the tokens voted.

You will get your UNS every 4 days. In the future, you may even get it daily.

Who can vote?

Anyone can vote. A normal user with some uns or an already-running delegate who wants to get some more free UNS can vote.

How to vote?

Using the uns-cli:

uns delegate:vote "@zzzzzzzzzz"

If you are already voting for another delegate, you must first unvote them or it will fail.

uns delegate:unvote "@other-delegate"

I will activate the forging rewards sharing as soon as I have enough votes to be in a forging position! :partying_face:


Welcome! :+1:
I have 28k spare UNS that I can use to vote for you while staying in a forging position myself. :blush:

Bringing some competition for the forging positions is a good thing.


Welcome @zzzzzzzzzz !
Thats a great initiative ! do you already know how to achieve this ?
We recently open sourced and published the @uns/ts-sdk here: GitHub - unik-name/typescript-sdk: UNS SDK in Typescript
The Core code should be open sourced as well in few weeks after we pass a security audit.
But core code and the API is quite similar to Ark’s chain which is quite well documented !
If you have any question i’m happy to help :wink:

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I will be using one the ARK scripts found on GitHub to share forging rewards. As the HTTP API for inspecting the blockchain and sending transaction is the same as in UNS, nothing needs to be modified for it to work!

I am using a script that does HTTP calls and not an ARK core plugin, so I don’t need the core to be open sourced for it to work :wink:

Welcome @zzzzzzzzzz !

Welcome @zzzzzzzzzz :+1:

Are you going to use GitHub - galperins4/core2_tbw ?


Perfect! i’ll use some of my UNS to help you bein elected :slight_smile:

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Looks like to vote you need to have a unikname with a “Alive” status as stated in the doc!

Voter must have the LifeCycle status "Alive" or "Everlasting".

I have to wait ~10k more blocks to vote with my new cryptoaccount! :wink:

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Just allocated 28k UNS to vote for you. Hopefully other users will follow so you can start forging soon :wink:
Welcome, again!

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I added 10k UNS to your vote balance!
Cheers !

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Thank you for these generous votes! :exploding_head:



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@zzzzzzzzzz you can now request votes from all @unikname owners as they are now able to vote for you with their My Unikname app!

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@zzzzzzzzzz claim your profile and explain your project

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