Does the **UNS Open API** work directly « inside » the blockchain?

This post provides a specific answer to the list of questions posted in General questions about the project by @louneskmt, about the original whitepaper released in Sept 2018.

There is two kinds of Open APIs depending on their purposes:

  1. API used to interact directly with the All these ones are directly reachable on every nodes. (e.g this one Start your own relay node and get it with your own url!

  2. API used to provide DAPPs solutions (e.g. gateways in the whitepaper) on top of the network, like Unikname Connect Authentication solution. These ones are reachable on these gateways and the level of decentralization depends on providers of these services.

Regarding Unikname Connect Authentication solution we’ve designed a scalable solution with a distributed architecture, enabling duplicate of related gateways. Most features have been developed directly on core (program running nodes). These design avoid to rely on a single and centralized server.

Released Open API are described in the API section of the documentation at

One more time: thanks for your help! :grin: :clap: