Error while trying to create my @Unikname on Sandbox network

I’ve migrated my node to Sandbox network and when I try to create the @Unikname on the sandbox network I get an error. It may be because I don’t have tokens, but the error is not explicit:

~/unikname$ uns unik:create --explicitValue bpresles --type individual --network sandbox --verbose
» :info: node:;Enter your crypto account passphrase (12 words phrase): ********************************************************************
» :info: Wallet 020f472925e7b07d7dc67ae146cc5342272313918cbd2da92cbf57c95f4a66a85c not found.;
Computing UNIK fingerprint... done
unikid: 38025c9fce2ad334d0aa39e7ee6ca4dc166143910533b6dabf187b6a056e90c9
» :stop: Internal Server Error;
» :stop: HTTPError: Internal Server Error
    at fn (/home/bpresles/.nvm/versions/node/v10.17.0/lib/node_modules/@uns/cli/node_modules/ky/umd.js:303:12)
    at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:68:7);

Creating transaction... !

Thank you for providing this information.

What is the version of your CLI (uns version)? You operating system?

Can you try to do a full reinstallation of the CLI?
Procedure depends on the build tool:

  • NPM: npm -g remove @uns/cli && npm -g add @uns/cli
  • Yarn : yarn global remove @uns/cli && yarn global add @uns/cli

Thank you

Hi bpresles,

you are right, the error is not explicit :smiley: we should work on it. The wallet you use doesn’t “exist” yet, in the chain. No operations have been applied on it. Start sending tokens on this wallet, it would be found and you will be able to create your @unikname.

Thx for your feedback.

After having tokens sent to my account, it worked . Thanks :slight_smile: