Fatal error while claiming badge


I wanted to claim the badge Pioneer - Innovator (as I’m here from very beginning of UNS Livenet), but as you can see below, I got a strange fatal error : Illegal value: 100000000 (not an integer or Long). I tried specifying a custom fee amount, it resulted in the same error.

I’m on macOS Big Sur Beta 11, running @uns/cli latest version 4.2.0.

Also, I see in the documentation:

Innovator : There is less than 1 500 UNIK created in the chain when the badge is claimed.

Would be cool to “calculate” that based on the state of the network when the Unik was created and not when the badge is claimed.


PS: It has nothing to do with the error above, but I noticed the creation of more than 2000 Uniks in October 11th, most between 13h and 16h GMT+2, at a rate of a few per block (= 4s). Do you have any info on that? Could it be a script?

Hi @louneskmt I raise the issue to our dev team. They will come back with an answer and a solution very soon (probably tomorrow) ? Thank’s for your feedback

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We’ve made the choice of doing it with a claiming process for privacy concerns because badges are public on-chain. We provide the possibility to get badges only for people who wants to plays with badges.


Yes, I totally understand the claiming process! It’s just that for example if I created my Unikname within the first 1500 and I attempt to claim the badge Pioneer when 10 000 Uniks have already been issued, the badge value (Innovator/Early Adopter) is calculated based on the state of the network at the claiming process and not on the creation date of my Unik.

For future viewers, here is the response to my PS :smile: :

It’s calculated to the creation date of your UNIK, for sure. Whenever you claim it.

Demonstration: I’ve justed claimed successfully the pionner badge of @bob

@louneskmt we’ve just successfuly claimed image

Waiting for an explanation about the error message you get, may be good to retry paying attention to the exact entry of your passphrase.

But your screenshots below contradict this. @bob claimed the badge Early adopter while being created a long time ago, when less than 1500 Uniks were created. According to this part of the documentation, it should have claimed the Innovator one.

And for that, I copy pasted both of my passphrases (oops I know it’s not really advised):

I tried with another Unik I own, on which the second passphrase is disabled, same error. Seems to me it comes from the fee value.

Just wanted to specify that other methods like send work fine.

Sorry I’ve not well understood your point. You raise a good point :+1:

Any news from the dev team?

Hello @louneskmt

A fix has been done for UNS 5.5.0, so you still have to wait a few days to claim your badge on Livenet as this version is only available in Sandbox.

You also have to know that we will improve the badge claiming rules in the next weeks.

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