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First, I need to tell you that this idea is really good !
I was excited creating my @unikname. But it was messy to connect to the forum through the webapp.

Xiamoi Redmi Note 5
Android 9

I open the webapp, go to the forum with the link in the header and try to log in with @unikname. It said me to open the app or click on the notification, but there was no notification and I needed to reboot the app to access the “in app” grant notification.

Can it be a system notification to open grant process and redirect to the logged in app or site ?

Romain Gaborieau

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Hi @Atouk and first of all, thank you for your feedback!

Really happy to hear that you were waiting for your @unikname that way! Hope you got one that fits to your wish! :smiley:

I read your comment about the connection process and our lack of notifications. Be reassured, it’s on our roadmap and it will come as soon as possible! :slight_smile:

As write in our Community Bounty Program, you’re able to earn 500 UNS tokens or get a coupon to take another @unikname of 8+ characters. It’s as you want, just tell me your choice with your actual @unikname in case you want the UNS tokens.

Oh, I didn’t read yet all the subjects. It’s a cool offer for the beginning ! Why choose a second @unikname if it’s… Unik :).
I should start a node and give you a feedback ! I know it can be difficult to have enough nodes, if I can help, I’ll do it !

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