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Task type (Feedback/Writing/…): Feedback

- Your OS (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS): Android 8.0.0
- Version (for My Unikname App only): commit 3aa0c24
- @unikname used during your test: rgwd
- Task dates: Since livenet
- @unikname for your reward: rgwd


The process of registering a @unikname was quick, easy and straight-forward. I was lucky enough to get a premium name (4 chars) which I like a lot :yum:

I successfully linked my existing forum account with this @unikname and logged in multiples times with it easily.
The app is nice looking and auto-updates, which is really handy.
The pin code pad works fine.
The app auto-locks after some time (how long?).

Thanks for working on this product, I’m eager to see more and more websites using it. Privacy is important and should be more looked at by companies.

Wanted features

  • Use fingerprint to unlock the app
  • When creating my @unikname, I would have liked a “expert/dev” mode to link my new name to an existing crypto account
  • Hide the browser top bar in the PWA (See
  • Swipe left/right on homepage to change tab (Pending Connections/Trusted Websites/ UNS Credits)


  • I can’t seem to get the unlock notification working. I tried :
    • “Resend notification” button
    • Keep the app closed
    • Opening the app on the pin entry page
    • Unlocking the app
  • I found an UI bug, when the auth request expires, the “resend notification” button is still there. The buttons should disappear (and maybe having a “Go back” button to get back to the website login page ?)

Hi @rigwild! Thank you for your feedback. You are with us since the beginning and your opinion is important for us! :slight_smile:

The whole team has taken your comments into account, and we are doing everything we can to improve the user experience as quickly as possible!

I understand your need of a “pro mode” but, to be honest, it’s not in our priority for now. But, we notice it and we’ll work on it as soon as possible! :+1:

As write in our Community Bounty Program, you’re able to earn 5000 UNS tokens or get a coupon to take another @unikname of 6+ characters. It’s as you want, just tell me your choice with your actual @unikname in case you want the UNS tokens.

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I understand :wink: Keep your focus on shipping the main useful features.

I will gladly take the tokens :slight_smile: My unikname: rgwd

Good choice! And… Send! :rocket:
You will be soon able to see them directly into your app… :eyes:

But for now, you can check your crypto account balance on our explorer :! :smiley:

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