Feedback of My Unikname App Beta Version

Task type (Feedback/Writing/…): Feedback

- Your OS: iOS
- Version (for My Unikname App only): Commit 3aa0c24
- @unikname used during your test: @louneskmt
- Task dates: Mainly today, June 11th 2020
- @unikname for your reward: @louneskmt

General Feedback

Since I first heard of this project, I’m really excited about it and about what we will be able to accomplish with it. I really want to see a decentralized, open-source, blockchain-based authentification system like this one become the norm in the coming years. And this, for a few reasons : our security and privacy, its practical side (finally we won’t have to remember a few hundreds of password, or storing them all in the same password manager anymore), but also to abolish the monopoly of a few biggest companies in the world (Google, Facebook, etc, we all know them all).

I wish this project all the best I can for the future ! I can’t wait to see what will become of it !

You’ll find below the bugs I’ve noticed during my test of My Unikname App and some of my ideas of features / questions about the existing ones. I’ve got a plenty more, but I’ll wait to see what you will add next !

Bugs noticed

  • When logging-in with Unikname Connect (, I must click twice on the “Connect” button.

  • In the Settings > About tab of the app, either I’m not able to scrool down the page to see the UNS logo and the “check update” button, or I’m able to do so but the menu goes up with the page.

  • UI Bug : the app displays “almost NaN years ago” for every connection request. Same thing after opening the request.

  • If we reject a request on the app, it doesn’t refresh the status on the Unikname Connect login webpage. I don’t really know if it’s intentionally or a bug, but I think it should be displaying a special message.

  • And finally, a quite important bug for me : if we open the request on the app, and instead of typing the PIN code we wait for the timeout, we can’t neither leave the view anymore, nor reject the request. The only way is to restart the whole app. It should display a message notifying the timeout, and automatically close the view and return to Home.

  • I don’t really know how to reproduce this one, but sometimes, after going back to the already opened app, I enter my PIN code and it simply does nothing. I have to quit and restart the app to access it again. Furthermore, when reopening the app, it shows the “content” a few seconds before ask for the PIN.

Features / Ideas

  • Please, it would be wonderful to provide to the community a full roadmap for the coming months / years. No need to be very specific in terms of dates, but I think it’s really important to have (/ give to your supporters) a global idea of this project goals, what you’re currently working on, what you’ve already achieved, etc… I know I’ve been asking a lot for this, but it’s just because it seems very important for me.

  • When clicking on a trusted website, instead of opening the website in an integrated browser, I think it could be useful to display some informations about the website, the organization, and have an option to revoke the authorization.

  • As @rigwild said, I think an “expert/pro” mode can be a cool feature to have, if we already possess an UNS crypto-account.
  • Is it really worth it to have a complete “Pending connections” tab, as we don’t usually connect to many websites at the exact same time (and as there’s also a timeout countdown) ?

  • Maybe add the request origin (localization + IP) to have a supplementary layer of protection (verification of the origin) ?


Hi @louneskmt and thanks for this huge feedback! :smiley:

The whole team has taken your comments into account, and we are doing everything we can to improve the user experience as quickly as possible!

For the roadmap, we are currently refining it with all your feedbacks… When we write it, in some weeks, you’ll be the first to know! :wink:

As write in our Community Bounty Program, you’re able to earn 5000 UNS tokens or get a coupon to take another @unikname of 6+ characters. It’s as you want, just tell me your choice with your actual @unikname in case you want the UNS tokens.

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Hi @Florian, and the pleasure’s all mine!

Thanks a lot, and don’t worry I know the app’s still in beta version, it’s made to find all the little (or big) issues!

I’ll choose to get the UNS tokens as I already have my own @unikname : @louneskmt.


Hello again!

I would like to report another little issue with the app : it seems to me that websites used with Unikname Connect are not added to the panel “Trusted websites”. In fact, I tried Unikname Connect on Cryptomaniac’s website, but it still doesn’t appear after a few days.

Also, it looks like this forum URL in the same tab has not been updated to the new without the hyphen.

Best regards

Good choice! I just send you 5000 UNS as described in our Community Bounty Program!

One more time, you’re right. You got sharp eyes! :smiley:
This week, a new app’s version will be released… Almost all screens are reworked, so this problem will disappear. :wink:

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