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-First I want to talk about the @unikname registration process is quick, easy and simple.
I have successfully linked my existing forum account to this @unikname and logged in multiple times with it easily.
Getting up and running and logging in is pretty quick and easy. However, I find the application is too simple, not many features, personally I like an application that has a built-in dapp from which I can discuss it on the forum right in the application and I think you should consider it. To this, it is quite convenient and makes your interface more eye-catching and complete
-However, after using it for a while, I realized that your application has a pretty serious error, and I am the one who unfortunately suffered this consequence.
+Generating a unikname id is quite simple but your application forgot to prompt (warn) us that we must save the recovery phrase to avoid losing the account (which all crypto-storage apps do) everyone else has it and you also know how important it is) and as I said above because your interface is not optimized you have hidden many tasks that make the user (me) not aware of the existence of recovery phrase. and i had a problem that the app on my machine logged out by itself and i lost the $UNIK from my wallet. It doesn’t matter what causes the self-logout anymore, but if in the process of generating the unikname id you have warned the user about the problem of backing up the restore phrase then this problem is easy to solve and I think it’s really necessary.The wire is a picture I took from an e-wallet from C98 Wallet when you create a new wallet always need to confirm the recovery phrase and the user obviously knows its existence

Thank you for working on this product, I look forward to more and more websites using it. Privacy is important and should be considered more by companies.

Thank you @Vanluan06 for reporting us this feedback :clap:

Detailed answers/new questions below

Great :clap:

Understood, and a good idea. Integrating the forum directly into the application could interesting. We will study that.

My Unikname app actual version focuses on authentication. We will add more features for the Unikname SSI platform v2, the subject of the $UNIK token sale

I’m really sad for you :frowning:

Very interesting. My Unikname app was used to ask the user to back up the recovery key. This step was mandatory.
Unfortunately, at that time, many users asked us to make it optional during the UniknameID creation process.

Thus we took 2 decisions:

  • to push the backup process back to the activation process (you can’t activate your UniknameID without trying to back it up)
  • to display a permanent warning to the user at the home screen of the application, impossible to dismiss


We thought it was a good balance between security and friendly UI.

What do you think?

Have you seen the warning on your app home screen?
Have you backed your UniknameID up when activating?

The My Unikname app backup process is quite similar to this one. Thank you for the screenshot.


Anyway, thank you for this feedback, your contribution is eligible to the “Complete feedback about one of our products” task.

your application will be perfect in the future, thank you for your answer. Good luck with the project