Feedback on mobile app after 2 months usage

So 1st of all i would like to congratulate the team for coming up with the revolutionary concept of unikid and sai. I have connected to atleast 3-4 websites using the unikname conncet and it’s so convenient and secure for use, it’s Definitely gonna be the future.

Now I need to see some additional features also In place.
Firstly if a user wish to transfer the unikname to another user there is no option to do that in app.
2ndly we are not able to view out NFT badges in a separate screen on the app.
Lastly user Not able to see to how many sites he is connected to in the app, should be some place where we display that.
Also users not able to create organization uid using the app, we have to switch to desktop to do it.

These are few points I feel if we could incorporate then we can fly really high.

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:pray: Thank you for taking time to write feedback on the app !
We’re please to see your enthusiasm :heart_eyes:.

We have so much awesome features in mind, waiting to be implemented in the app. Trust me :wink:
Guess what, all features you’ve spotted are either in design or in backlog :+1:

1. unikname transfer: it’s a tricky feature due to unikname lifecycle. We musn’t overlook side effects. We are working on since several weeks and it’s upcoming. We’re already testing the feature on our private network to validate behaviour in several cases. Feature will first be release in unikname network CLI to test with real users first, then it will be quickly available in the app.

2. Badges: you’re right, why do we collect badges if we can’t gaze at them through our app ? We’ll increase feature priority to implement a dedicated screen gathering all badges.

3. Connected websites: I’m not sure what are you looking for but did you know that you can get connection history via the app ? Going to Settings > Connections History ? Maybe it’s insufficient and you have particular needs ? Feel free to share with us what’s in your mind :slight_smile:

4. Organization unikname: this unikname type aims to integrate unikname solutions (like authentication) into their business. For now, app is not design to help companies in solution integration. We have a dedicated browser app to complete this task which has a detailed setup process where we introduce how to get organization unikname via CLI. We think that organization unikname management is not really the same than individual management. You don’t want to see unikname private key sail through collaborators apps, do you ? It should be unchanged until we develop a more complex permission management over unikname.

I’ve tried to answer all your feedbacks. Tell me if I missed something and I would be happy to discuss some of my arguments.

@DonaldJTrumpJrhaha update your app to latest (v.1492) and have fun clicking on badge chips :gift:

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