First Unikname solutions, the UNS Blockchain and its IDs are the backbone of Unikname solutions that have been designed for Businesses. The first developments have been pulled by the following solutions:

Unikname Connect

This is the easiest and safest authentication solution for any saas platforms and mobile apps. Your provide a new connection experience to your users, as easy as the facebook connect button or the sign in with the google button, but respecting their privacy and dropping the risk of hacking accounts.

Unikname Certificate Proofing

This solution secures mobile apps against falsified SSL X509 certificates and against man-in-the-middle attacks. We provide a very light SDK to use into your mobile app. A single call to a function make all the job for you and check if the line is safe and if your apps can establish a safe connection with your servers. Banks are the first users of this solution.

The fingerprints of your encryption certificates are distributed over our UNS network. UNS Network nodes are randomly choosen by your APP to get and check the fingerprints.

Unikname Anti-Phishing

This is an anti-phishing solution. We provide a new kind of ‘trust’ certificate, combined with your domain names, and community alerts, to limit phishing risks and block connections by anticipation. (Universal-Name-System) has been designed to be used easily by other who needs to integrate self-sovereign identifiers in their software and applications. Unikname solutions combine the distributed network (blockchain) technology with proven cybersecurity and authentication standards, and a hint of secret sauce.


For the ones who would like more info, website provides some more info.

Thank’s @jacksparrow for this intro. Unikname Connect sounds great ! Where can I find more info to test it ?