Get 100 $UNIK by joining the unikname whitelist

Hi everyone,
I’m the delegate “++tom.magnum.357++” of the network.

If you want to get ready to participate to the token sale then you’re welcome to join the whitelist with my affiliate link.

Then as soon as you’ve activated your unikname you can vote for me.

I’m offering 100 $UNIK to every voters enabling me to come back forging and having voted for me for at least 300,000 blocks (~30 days). I will send the UNIK as soon as I forge.

Go to “Support a Delegate” and chose “++tom.magnum.357++”

Your friendly delegate


I supported to you. So 100$ Unik will be automatically transferred to my unikname after ~ 30 days?

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I think you shouldn’t mix up 100 $UNIK and 100$ UNIK :joy:

Another place to explain this is there:

In the future, we’ll use it as a source of information to push automatic news from Delegates.

Every new delegate profile is announced on our Twitter account

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