How do you use your Unik's properties?

As you may know, @uniknames are NFT with properties attached to them.
Everyone is allowed to add user properties though the MyUnikname App or the CLI.
Theses properties are publics, censorship resistant and tamper-proof if you trust the emitter.
This is truly decentralized data that you can use for any application.
Moreover, there are accessible though the API.
Exemple for unik id “d5d45f313cf4ef212c415a24023d108700641f02b1d9ed6d4c11ddb445ed46d3”
All properties:
property “usr/Job”:

I have already seen some smart use of it, for exemple to store PGP keys or email, wallet addresses!
see @louneskmt uniks page in UNS explorer:

What about you? did you think about it ?

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You can check the whitepaper here. You’ll find a lot of use cases and examples: see pages 14/15, 18/19 and part 6.

It’s a little old (Sept. 2018) but can likely give you an idea of what will be possible in the future with your Unikname.


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