How to claim your #goldmember badge?

If you have participated in the Early stakers sale you can now claim your goldmember trophy badge within the CLI!

At the moment, you can claim your goldmember trophy badge only with the CLI.
It will be claimable from the My Unikname application later.

How to claim your goldmember trophy badge?

First, you must install the CLI (formerly “UNS CLI”) first or the last update of the CLI.
If you already have installed or updated it, you can go on.

Then, use this command to claim your badge:

uns badges:claim @yourUniknameID -b "Event/goldmember"

In this command, replace @yourUniknameID by your one.
You will also need to fill in your secret recovery key during the process.

At the end of the process, you are able to see your badges in your My Unikname application.

How to see my goldmember trophy badge?

Here is an example (goldmember in this example):

or in the Explorer:


What can I do if I missed the Early stakers sale?

If you missed our Early stakers sale, don’t be disappointed, there may be other early sales :rocket:

So don’t miss the next ones by joining:

  • our Discord
  • our Telegram