How to install My Unikname App with Firefox for Android - A guide

With the latest My Unikname App release, it is now possible to use the app with Firefox for Android (youpi!). The installation process is a little different, however. But fear not, it is still a breeze.

1. Open the app installation page in Firefox

Go to from your phone.

You should see something like that:

2. Scroll down to the bottom.

If you want to learn more about Unikname, take the time to read all of this information.
If you are in a hurry, scroll all the way down, you should see something like this :

3. Click the GET APP button.

This one is pretty self-evident. This will get you to here :

4. Click on the three little dots next to the address bar

Ignore the big orange INSTALL button and open the menu.

If you haven’t ignored the button, fear not. You would have gotten to this page :

You can still install from here. Just click the dots !

5. Install from the menu.

THIS is the Install you want. Click it ! You will be prompted to Add the app to your Home screen.

5. Confirm to add to your home screen.

And you’re all set !

To continue your Unikname journey

Now that the app is up and running, try to log in to your favorite website. Don’t know how ?
:point_right: Log in with @unikname: the steps to follow


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