How to monitor a UNS node?

I like to be efficient, so doing the fewer things possible to handle and maintain my UNS Node.

After explaining how to auto-update a UNS node, here is the tuto about how to monitor your UNS Node.

What does “monitor my UNS Node” mean?

For me, it means to be warned when there is a problem with my node:

  1. it is unresponsive: no more space left on the VPS, Docker issue, restart issue …
  2. it doesn’t forge: mainly, it is unsynchronized (most of the time, because the first point above)

I want to use a free toolchain to monitor my node, and finally, I’m just using:

Check if your node is synchronized

  1. Open a free account at Uptimerobot
  1. Configure an alert contact in your settings

Email, Slack …

  1. Add a new monitor

Click on “Add a new monitor” button (top-left):

  • Type: keyword
  • URL:
  • Keyword: the unikid of the delegate you want to check synchronization
  • Alert when: Keyword NOT exists
  • Monitoring interval: every 6 hours is enough
    The shorter the interval will be, the more false alerts you will have, because a node can be desynchronized but can then resynchronize by itself


Check if your node is up and running

I will describe this part later.

@network_player what do you think of that?

MrFreez UNS Delegate

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Interesting! We are thinking about a more decentralized monitoring solution, but yours is very simple!

@mrfreez you can’t send notifications to network players.
But me I can notify @network_player to ask their opinion :wink:


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