How to preserve the data of your My Unikname application?

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As you know, My Unikname is a new-gen mobile application: a PWA (Progressive Web Application).

As we have already explained, it has a lot of advantages!

But also some disadvantages, such as :

  • the installation is not standardized between browsers (and never will be)
    This explains why installing My Unikname on Chrome for Android is different on Opera for Android

  • on Apple devices, the user experience is really less than on traditional mobile applications, especially because many features are disabled on PWA (QR-Code scanning, push notifications …)
    As we want to serve Android and iOS users, this forces us to level the user experience “from the bottom up”, using only the features available on all platforms.

  • My Unikname data is managed by the browser
    That’s why some of you, users, lose your PIN code, your secret recovery keys or your browsing history.

My Unikname data is managed by your browser

Everybody knows that uninstalling a “classic” mobile application, which you have installed from the Play Store or App Store, irremediably leads to destroying all data of the application that would not be saved.

Everyone knows that deleting the data of an application irremediably leads to the destruction of all the application’s data that would not be backed up.

Well it’s the same thing for your My Unikname application if :

  • you remove the browser with which you installed My Unikname
  • you ** delete the navigation data of all sites** from the browser with which you installed My Unikname

These actions lead irremediably to the destruction of all My Unikname data: your PIN, your recovery keys (phew, you saved them :sweat_smile: ) and your browsing history.

Is it a good practice to delete browsing data from your browser?

Yes … if you are using a browser that does not do it properly and automatically for you.

The data persisted in your browser is used by some companies, especially advertisers, to enrich your profile with your browsing paths in order to serve you the most targeted ads possible. For a long time, the only solution was to regularly clean your browser to avoid this form of espionage, but this has important counterparts: disconnection of all sites, loss of personalization … very constraining.

For some time now, browsers have evolved and some of them now offer “anti-tracking” functions, like Brave, Firefox (and its myriad extensions) or Safari and certainly others (I’m waiting for your contributions on this point in the comments).

Protection strategies for Safari :

These browsers combine both tracker blocking and regular site data erasure strategies. This eliminates the need to regularly erase site data.
Browsers are usually the exception to data erasure for sites that are installed on your smartphone desktop or that you visit frequently.

That’s why you are asked to install My Unikname on your mobile’s desktop, not just because it’s convenient for you to retrieve it :wink:

What to do if you are a data deletion addict in your browser and want to install My Unikname?

My recommendation?
Use a better browser to install My Unikname as Brave and continue to use another browser if Brave is not your usual browser and you don’t want to change it.

This way, you won’t risk erasing My Unikname data by mistake and you can continue to keep your everyday life the same :wink:.

You will also be able to use Firefox for the same purpose in the near future.

What do you do if you use a tool that aggressively erases application data to find space on your smartphone?

Stop using them, they’ll hurt you (especially if you haven’t backed up your secret recovery keys).
My Unikname occupies about 5 MB on your phone, barely the size of one of the ten pictures you exchanged on WhatsApp yesterday!


Make backups of your secret recovery keys, and everything will be fine :grin:
You will even be able to manage access to your Unikname protected accounts from another smartphone or tablet for example.
And skillfully use different browsers installed on your smartphone.


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