How to use your own @unikname to login to this Forum

Well, you would like to interact with the Unikname and the UNS blockchain community on this forum, that’s great, but how to login?

It will be very very simple as soon as the APP will be available on the stores and when the mainnet will be live. For the time being it’s a little bit more tricky and reserved only to developers, not end users.

What you need :

  1. Your own Unikname, forged on the
  2. The APP installed
  3. Sign-up to the forum with your Unikname

1. Get your own @unikname forged on the devnet

Download and install our Command Line Interface (UNS CLI) to interact with the UNS network. Then follow the documentation on the UNS Network Player Hub. to :

  • create a UNS wallet one time for all
    > uns create-wallet --network=devnet
    :warning: And do not forget to save your passphrase
  • create your own Unikname and mint it as a UNIK token within the uns blockchain, one time for all too
    > uns create-unik --network=devnet --explicitValue=YourPseudoHere --type=individual

Check it directly with the uns chain explorer.

2. Installed the APP

You need to contact us be email

3. Sign-up to the forum with your @unikname


And fill the sign-up form with the username you wish to use on the forum (could be different than your @unikname)

The Unikname Forum has been built upon the famous Open Source Discourse framework. This product enable Authentication with the oAuth standard protocole. Unikname connect solution follow oAuth standards. It tooks only few hours to our team to integrate Unikname connect to this Forum.

Is it possible to integration the same authentication system on any website?

Yes, it is possible to enable social authentication on your website with Unikname Connect :smile:

You can read more about this solution and how to register for the upcoming private beta on the Unikname website: