Incentive for a delegate to run a node on the SANDBOX?

Continuing the discussion from UNS Core 5.5.x on SANDBOX network:

@dlecan is there any incentive for a delegate to run a node on the SANDBOX?

Sandbox is a test network as you can find for Bitcoin (testnet).
You could use it to test your application using unikname Nft and UNS.
You can get SUNS tokens for free.
See this faucet app running on sandbox created by one of our delegate rgwd

Anyone is free to participate on this network to help making tests.
But i don’t think there is financial incentives :slight_smile:

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I use the same VPS (only 2 vCPU) to have a running node on Sandbox AND Livenet together.
No issue for 4 months.

The Sandbox Docker-compose container is automatically updated, so I don’t have any maintenance on it.

Of course, the Livenet node will have the priority in the future.

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Nothing “hard-coded” :slight_smile:
When the voting system will be launched in the My Unikname App by the end of the year, this could be one of the displayed information.
So running a node on the sandbox could be a benefit for you.

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