Last 2.7.0.betaXX version of Discourse breaks UI of Unikname Discourse plugin

Hello Discourse administrators,

One of the last versions of Discourse (2.7.0.beta4 or 2.7.0.beta3) breaks the UI of the signup/login page, but the screen keeps working perfectly (login and signup with email and/or other social logins).

This is due to an “improvement” of the screen by Discourse, with breaking API changes.

Here is an example:

We will release a fix as soon as possible.

If you are not (yet) concerned, please wait for the fix to update your Discourse instance.

Thank you

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A fix as been published :muscle:

:star2:We’ll announce the new version soon!:star2:

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The discourse last version (2.7.0.beta5) breaks the Login/Signup modal UI.

We fixed it. Please upgrade your discourse-unikname-connect-authentication plugin.