Limited and Private Token Sale Offer for you

Hi dear UniknameID owner,

Unikname team organizes a private token sale reserved exclusively to early UniknameID owners following discord server.

Some of you need $UNIK utility tokens either you’re an individual or you work for an organization. If you’re an individual you may want to get a PREMIUM UniknameID, a short and scarce NFT. The only way to get it is to spend some UNIK. Or, you would like to access some Self-Sovereign ID services already available like updating your UniknameID public properties. If you’re an organization, or a developer integrating UniknameID within your website, you need UNIK SSI credits to provide SSI services to your user and within your webapp.

May be you’ do not need UNIK right now but your simply would like to get UNIK tokens for a futur use.

Whatever the reason, you need to get more $UNIK token right now. While waiting for the possibility to get UNIK on a DEx, we’re offering to sell some of our “war chest” to our early UniknameID owner beliving in he project and willing to support it.

:fire: So, we’re offering an opportunity to UniknameID owners to participate to a limited offer before the public quotation of the $UNIK token.

Participants will be able to buy special packages including $UNIK tokens and PREMIUM UniknameID NFTs:

Selling of simple coupon code to get PREMIUM UniknameID ony will be available too:

The limited offer

This token sale is a limited offer:

  • open during 3 days, started on Thurdsay 26 of August at 2 PM UTC.
  • with 30% discount for the first 25 participants

with extra bonuses:

  • If your UniknameID is featured with the easteregg or the livenet1 trophee badge then you will get 2% more UNIK on each order containing a package.

  • if your UniknameID is supporting a delegate, then you will get a bonus of 1000 UNIK tokens for the first order of any Package (and only package)…

  • a new special trophee badge: the Gold Member Badge.for every order

and some counterparts:

  • :warning: we are expecting for an feedback (anonymous) to improve the process fo the next sale. Fill the survey form.
  • :warning: the native UNIK token you will get will be locked-up during 3 months and you won’t be able to trade it during this time

Paiement & Delivery

We accept only $ETH for this token sale.

As soon as we get the confirmation of your paiement, we will send you the UNIK tokens to your UniknameID*, and we will send a unique COUPON to be used to get your PREMIUMs UniknameID within the APP, by email to the Unikname you’ve been whitelisted.

* The one you’ve been connected with on the Unikname shop or the Unikname HUB

How to participate?

Every individual already member of the Unikname Community can participate:

  • you must have your own UniknameID and it should have already been activated
  • you’ve created an account to the Unikname Hub
  • you’ve applied to join to the whitelist with a verified eMail

Then let’s go to the Unikname shop:

Then select your set of packs, add it into your cart, confirm your order, add your spacial promotional coupon code*, and send your ETH to the indicated paiement address.

:hot_pepper: we’re going to communicate the 30% discount coupon code just before the opening of the sale on the #token-sale chanel on discord.

See Terms and Conditions

First In First Served. Let’s go!