Member presentation

Hi there,
I’m Gkleza and I’m new to the Unikname team where I’ll be in charge of animating and growing the community around the Unikname brand.
I’ll actively promote the project on Twitter and help the community to understand the project through Discord and the Unikname forum (
Now let’s talk a bit about me. I have an automation degree and six years ago, my curiosity led me to become interested in the blockchain ecosystem and I’ve been dedicating a large part of my free time for the past 3 years. Being passionate about this field, I past the last months to explore and understand the DeFi and DID ecosystem.
So feel free to contact me on Discord (gkleza#8090) if you need more information.
See you soon,


Welcome gkleza! :wave:t2: Looking forward to sharing with you about ecosystem and DeFi! Looking forward to meeting you on the Unikname discord!

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Thank you Reijji! Glad to meet you there :wink:

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