My Unikname App - Release Note [2020-09-18]

:mega: My Unikname App has new features !!

:moneybag: Price list

You can get @unikname prices based on their characteristics. Try to get a new @unikname and click on "Show pricelist". You can even know which kind of @unikname you could afford with your coupon.

:wrench: Get or import @unikname from settings

Get or restore your @unikname has never been so easy.
Just go to settings tab then "Get my @unikname".

:pencil2: Manage @unikname properties

Add, edit and remove your @unikname properties directly from app. Just select one of your @unikname then "add" button to attach a new property or click on on an existing one.

:bug: Miscs

Various improvements and bugfixes.

:interrobang: What do I have to do if I want to install My Unikname App?


No worry, you can join our community of My Unikname users right now!
Just follow
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:point_right: :fr: :canada: :belgium: Je me connecte avec @unikname : les Γ©tapes Γ  suivre

to become a new user and to connect everywhere, why not on this Forum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


wonderfull, love it !