My Unikname App - Release Note [2020-10-08]

:mega: My Unikname App has new features!!

:zap: Faster connection validation

You claimed it, you got it! :muscle:

You can now confirm connections without entering again and again your PIN code.
So soon as you’ve unlocked your “My Unikname App”, you can confirm connections very fast, for 1 hour!

:tada: Special themes for our early partners

When connecting from our early partners, you will now these new connection themes:

:point_right: More information on this dedicated topic.

:bug: Miscs

We fixed several iPhone bugs (scrolling, action bar…), so please, test this new version!

:interrobang: What should I do to install My Unikname App?


No worry, you can join our community of My Unikname users right now!
Just follow
:point_right: :us: :uk: :australia: Log in with @unikname: the steps to follow
:point_right: :fr: :canada: :belgium: Je me connecte avec @unikname : les étapes à suivre

to become a new user and to connect everywhere, why not on this Forum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Thanks for this update!

Could it be possible to add a setting to allow custom “auto connection timeout”, for better security?

One hour is too long?