My Unikname App - Release Note [2020-12-08]

:mega: A new version of my Unikname App is out !

:musical_score:My Unikname App now on Opera !

You can now use our app with Opera on Android. Here is a guide on how to install it !

:point_right: :us: :uk: :australia: How to install My Unikname App with Opera on Android - A guide
:point_right: :fr: :canada: :belgium: Comment installer My Unikname App avec Opera sur Android - Un guide

:timer_clock: Better error handling on session timeout

For when you can’t make it to your phone on time. :neutral_face:

:bug: Bugfixes

And as always, we have been fixing little bugs that keep creeping in.

:interrobang: How do I install My Unikname App?


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:point_right: :us: :uk: :australia: Log in with @unikname: the steps to follow
:point_right: :fr: :canada: :belgium: Je me connecte avec @unikname : les Γ©tapes Γ  suivre

to become a new user and log in everywhere, why not on this Forum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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