My Unikname App - Release Note [2020-12-11]

:mega: A new version of My Unikname App is out !

:moneybag: Global UNS Balance on the Home Page


Story time:
You want to see if you have more UNS. You open your app, you get to your Home Page, but the info isn’t there. Bummer ! :neutral_face:
You have more than one @unikname and you never know how much UNS you truly have. You spend hours adding it all up, going from account to account. Double bummer ! :neutral_face:

With the new release of My Unikname App, you can view the UNS balance of all of your account on your Home Page. Forget basic maths, you don’t need it anymore. And you thumb can rest at last!

:bug: Bug Fixes

And as always, we keep playing Whack-a-mole with the bugs: they keep popping up, and we keep whacking them ! At the end, we will prevail !

:interrobang: How do I install My Unikname App?


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