My Unikname App - Release Note [2020-12-21]

:mega: A new version of My Unikname App is out!

We have exciting new features just in time for the holidays! So that you can show your family and your friends (even though a computer) why they should totally get a @unikname. Enjoy this little gift from us to you!

A new and improved @unikname list!

Get all the information on your @unikname with a quick glance with our new and improved @unikname listing. For each of your @unikname, you can now see

  • :robot: An identicon
    Identicons provide a virtual representation of your @unikname. They are generated from the unik-id of the associated NFT. If you didn’t get any of that, worry not. All you need to know is that they are unique, colourful, and permanent. You cannot choose what they look like, but they will never change.

  • :balance_scale: The balance of its crypto-account
    Each @unikname on your phone is associated with a different crypto-account. Find out how much UNS you have on each one of them.

  • :recycle: Its lifecycle status
    If your @unikname is not Live yet, don’t forget to activate it (see below) !

  • :mega: Its disclosure status
    Disclosed @unikname appear in solid blue (just like @testDisclosedUnikname). Undisclosed @unikname appear in light grey.

A new and improved @unikname page!



The listing is not the only thing that got a facelift. Don’t hesitate to look around to see what you can do from there.

Get info on your crypto-account:

See your last transactions:

Activate your @unikname:

And other things that you’ll have to discover by yourself :wink:

Activate your @unikname

You can now activate your @unikname!

Check the status of each of your @unikname directly on the listing or on that @unikname’s page (see right below).

If you have a Minted @unikname, activate it to unlock more advanced features (for example, the right to support a delegate).

To activate a @unikname, three conditions need to be met:

  • The @unikname must have been created at least 23 blocks ago,
  • The passphrase of the crypto-account must have been backed-up,
  • The @unikname must have been used to log on to a website at least once.

If you’ve done all three, you are good to go. Your lifecycle status will change from Minted to Live (picture 4).

:warning: You may need log on again to activate your @unikname as the back-end checking of that requirement has just been released with the newest version of the app.

We are preparing a little guide on that feature. In the meantime, if you can’t figure it out, don’t hesitate to ask for help on this very forum.

:warning: Better browser network error reporting

Because we want to figure out what’s not working and give you the best app that we can !

:bug: Bug Fixes

Bugs, bugs, bugs. You know how it goes.

:interrobang: How do I install My Unikname App?


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