My Unikname App - Release Note [2021-01-12]

:mega: A new version of My Unikname App is out!

Happy new year fellow humans ! May 2021 be kinder to us all.
In any case, we have exciting new features to celebrate the new year!

:zap: Faster connection process

There is now one less click between you and your favorite website.
Any pending connection request is displayed as soon as you open your app ! If the app is already open, even better. The request will just pop up on your screen when you get to the home page (or if you are already on it).

It’s the small things, you know !

:arrows_counterclockwise: Know whether your app is up to date

We keep adding new features and designs to try and improve your experience. But you never know when they come out (Expect of course you do, you’re reading our release notes !).

Your app can now tell you when there are new goodies for you to unpack. To see your app status: Settings > About and scroll down to the update section.

When an update becomes available, you’ll know what to do !

:muscle: Better unlocking screen

You know it, you love it (?), you have to use it all the time. We’ve improved the pin code/unlocking screen so that everything is loaded at once. Because it’s prettier that way.

:key: Encrypted connection history

Until now, your connection history data has been stored “in clear text”, but we felt that in order to better protect your privacy, it should also be invisible to malicious eyes.
So it is now stored encrypted, with the same strong and secure protection as the secret security keys of your @unikname!

Obviously we have also protected all the connection history data that you have already accumulated.

:star2: New installation process

We’ve reworked the installation process and the design of our pages. So if you have a friend that is on the fence, maybe the pretty colors will seal the deal for them !

:interrobang: What should I do to install My Unikname App?


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Authors: @dlecan @Sophie