My Unikname App - Release Note [2021-05-28 - v1391]

:mega: A new version of My Unikname App is out!

Hear ye Hear ye! A new update is upon us!

:sparkling_heart: Supporting your favourite delegate

Most of the features provided by your My Unikname App are secured by the blockchain. This blockchain is itself managed by 23 network players called delegates, that you can support! It’s an important piece of governance.

So chose your favourite delegate in @unikname ➡ Select one of your @unikname ➡ Support a delegate.

Then, follow the screen indications :smiley:

In future, you will have more information about the delegates, their project …
For example, some of them offer to share their UNS rewards with you if you support them!

Please note that you can support only one delegate at a time per @unikname ID.

More information about the governance in the documentation:

:wastebasket: Removing data

You can now remove one or more @unikname stored in your application.

Just go to Settings ➡ Data deletion to use this feature.

You can also remove all the data from your application, but :warning: warning, use this feature carefully, you may lose all your data!

:bug: Bug fixes

This update also fixes small little bugs. They won’t bother you anymore!

:interrobang: What should I do to install My Unikname App?


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