My Unikname App - Release Note [2021-10-06 - v1615]

:fire: What’s NEW ? :fire:

:trophy: Single place to claim your trophies

During your UniknameID owner journey you will be able to acquire exclusive trophies and badges. These trophies can be linked to a public event or just be based on your actions. It could be always available or only during a limited period of time (like livenet1 for first anniversary or easteregg2021 ).

To claim your trophy, you can find a new menu item in home menu : Trophy Claim.

Then follow process: choose an available trophy, select UniknameID to claim trophy, unlock operation, and finally wait until operation is done.

:bell: Enable in-app update notification

In developer mode you have a new option “notify updates” to enable this feature.
It’s currently in advanced developer mode to let developers try feature and get feedback, before to enable it for everyone.

When a new app update will be ready to apply (i.e downloaded and verified), a bottom toast will appear on login screen to allow you apply update.

:question: How to update ?

  1. :iphone: Install or open your app :arrow_right:
  2. :mag_right: Verify your current app version. Should be v1615 (or more)
  3. :gear: If not, go to Settings > About then update button on top of the screen (or close and re-open app to apply background downloaded update).

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