[My Unikname App] UniknameID activation error

Hello there :wave:,

Recently, many of you got the following screen during UniknameID activation.

No panic, we’ve identified source of possible issue and we’re writing a fix to prevent future occurrences. It will be shipped with the next app release. So be ready to update :slight_smile:

For the ones stuck, issue should be solved by itself (without update) if you retry activation next day (simply wait 10,000 forged blocks after your UniknameID creation).


This error may occur when your UniknameID has been created in last 10,000 blocs.
App considers that you meet all criterias, but chain doesn’t (and it’s right). That’s why everything is green on previous screen

Two elements produced this issue:

  • a bad predicate in UniknameID criteria validation in My Unikname App
  • Unikname Network blockchain stops forging during several hours (occurred yesterday) making network very unstable (see announce).

These two things combined produced activation error for some UniknameIDs.
But no panic! Your UniknameIDs are still safe.

Thank you for your wait.


:tada: new MyUnikname app release: v1598
It fixes activation error.
Please update your app from Settings > About.
Then make sure to have version 1598 or more, and retry activation.

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