New delegate @mtaylan

Welcome to our new delegate @mtaylan :clap:
He’s not forging yet, but competition will be opened in the next months.

Welcome again :slight_smile:


@mtaylan can you give us more information about your node?
CPU, memory, location …


Thank you very much for accepting me to the group.
My node is located at Izmir/TURKEY
The configuration details are as follows;
2x CPU Xeon E5 2620v2
8 GB ECC Ram
120 GB Disk SAS
I am running the UNS docker on UBUNTU 20.04 LTS.

I will be very happy if you could help me to find answers to my following questions.
1.) Is it safe to keep FORGER_SECRET: within the docker-compose.yml file on the server? I have changed the file mode to 600. Please advise…
2.) How can I monitor my node?

Thank you very much for your cooperation.
Best Regards,



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Is it safe: no, but it’s mandatory :wink:
So you should protect your VPS.

You can look at our hardening guide:

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Welcome to the network!

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Welcome @mtaylan

It is recommended to activate the second passphrase of your registered delegate cryptoaccount.

By this way your tokens stay safe even if your VPS and the main passphrase is compromised.
Anyhow, if you VPS is “basically” protected there is no reason to be fear.

For your knowledge, every blockchain nodes over the world (bitcoin ethereum and every DPOS or POW blockchain) work the same : the forger or validator secret key must be on the server to be able to forge a block :wink:

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