Pattern of @unikname

This post provides a specific answer to the list of questions posted in General questions about the project by @louneskmt, about the original whitepaper released in Sept 2018.

Categories of @unikname have been replaced by a more simple concept: Patterns of @unikname.

Pattern determine the price of a @unikname. Very short @unikname using Latin letters are more expensive than long ones, because of their scarcity. Patterns are calculated during the issuance of the UNIK token. Patterns are publicly known only for @unikname that have been disclosed (their human-readable name) by their owner.

This feature is ongoing and will be in the next release.

I understood that there will be a @unik-names marketplace, where @unik-names owners can sell them to anyone who are ready to spend some UNS/money to get one they want. If pattern determine the price, sellers cannot choose their own selling prices? Or a pattern just give an idea or a limit of a possible price?

Patterns determines the price for UNIK NFT token issuance, so at creation time. Once minted in the blockchain, the pattern gives information about the scarcity and about the alphabet, and concur to value it. Once minted in the blockchain, UNIK tokens can be trade and transfered between owners at the price they wants. The recipient pays fees to the block forgers for this transfer.

So a speculative market may exists for some Unikname of type individual, eg. @satoshi, @darkvador or whoever. Nevertheless we think that this is not the main use case. The purpose of an individual Unikname is to be easily memorized by its owner and their friends, and to be used universally to be connected everywhere but without ever having to reveal it or disclose it.

Unikname of type organization will not appears on the marketplace of UNIK because we want to fight against name squatting.

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