Recent instabilities and measures put in place

Hi Network Players! :wave:

Recent issue

As some of you may have noticed, the testing network SANDBOX of our blockchain has encountered some instability in the last few days.
Result: some nodes were out of sync. :face_with_head_bandage:


We have therefore recently launched 5 relay nodes in order to increase network stability and fluidity when broadcasting blocks. :rocket:

We hope that this initiative will improve the stability of the network and we will continue to monitor this carefully in the coming days.

And now?

If your node is down (if it’s up, nothing to do, everything is perfect), you can reset and restart your node it now! :computer:

Log on your node, go to the location of the docker-compose.yml file, then:

# ⚠ '-v' if for resetting the data, use it carefully later
$ [sudo] docker-compose down -v 
$ [sudo] docker-compose up -d 

:warning: During synchronization of your node, errors may occur. Nothing wrong. Let your node work for several minutes, it is able to fix these errors by itself.

Interesting, do you know why some nodes are out of sync and some others aren’t?
No problem with mine … until now! :crossed_fingers:

Good to read you are investing in this testing network.

Again new out-of-sync nodes :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :pleading_face:

We are working on an improvement based on latest release of, so be patient please :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!

Hi @dlecan @Florian
My node is marked offline on network monitor but it is currently running.
Should I restart it with the commands above ?
Thanks !

Hi @a_lasselle! :slight_smile:

Your node is probably running on his own network. He is not “offline” but “desynchronized”.

A restart of your node with the command above should repair it but, as we announced today, tomorrow UNS Core 4.2.7 will be released on SANDBOX network to fix these instabilities.

(If you want to see the complete topic, click here)

Then, just stop your node, and restart it tomorrow after the release.

Thank you,


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Okay !
So I’ll be waiting for the new release.


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