Requests for information about badges

Hey here,
I get back to you about the badges

  1. Pioneer badge
    referring to this discussion I should have the Innovator badge and not the Early adopter badge, has the situation changed? Innovator badge

  2. XPLevel badges
    referring to the documentation to claim the Advanced badge we need to do 10 transactions and 10 contributions, what is it exactly ?

  3. Sponsorship badges
    do you know when this system will be implemented? it seems to me to be super interesting for users to develop the network

I hope I’m not the only one interested in these features, the idea of badges is really interesting :crossed_fingers:

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Not yet. This is something we want to change after open-sourcing UNS Core (soon :stuck_out_tongue:)

Transactions are obvious. For contributions, we are thinking about public contributions on UNS projects, such as issues, pull-requests, but also forum, Discord, Twitter contributions …

The way in which this information is taken into account in the allocation of the badge has not yet been decided in detail.
Do you have an idea?

This is a long-term vision.
In the short-term, delegates’ incentives are managed with the bounty program

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