Roadmap for september - october

The previous version of UNS v5.3 was minor, but the next versions of UNS will be major ones :muscle:

The reason for this roadmap is to discuss these new features with you, our community and that the features coming will not be compatible with older versions, so @network_player will need to upgrade their node.

Upcoming features

Mid-september: UNS v5.4 on blockchain

:point_right: After Block Forgers, NFT Factories and Identity providers, a new kind of UNS service provider will be launched on the network: URL Checkers :rocket: :fireworks:

Theses network providers are specialized in verifying URL and domain names that are shown on Unikname Connect Login screen. For example, when you want to log in to, you will see the following screen:

image is the URL of the Unikname Forum and has been verify by an URL Checker. Verification of this URL guarantees that:

  • The website is cryptographically linked to the @unikname through the Blockchain
  • The website where you are login is protected by secured HTTPS protocol
  • The website domain can’t be highjacked be another one when login with Unikname Connect

Of course, URL Checkers are rewarded to validate URL and to do that fairly and ethically, as part of the token economy.
As in the blockchain philosophy, the verification process of the URL Checker can itself be verified: don’t trust anyone. Other URL Checkers are allowed and encouraged to control each other’s work with all the URL verification proofs recorded into the Blockchain.

UNS v5.4 will trust the first UNS URL Checker of the network and more of them are expected. So if you are interested in running an URL Checker, you can ask for access on the #uns-network topic.

Please, notice that an upgrade milestone to enforce UNS 5.4 on will be enabled and will be announced with UNS 5.4 released (block ~ date, compatibility).

:point_right: Minimal fees for creating UNIK will be raised from 1 UNS to 10 UNS and registering as a delegate from 1 to 100 UNS

:point_right: Organization @unikname will also have icons imported from the verify domain or URL associated with it

:point_right: UNS v5.4 will also receive a huge security patch coming from the ArkEcosystem core project, the upstream project of UNS.

:point_right: A new version of the UNS CLI will also be released in order to provide the web site verification feature.

Mid-october: UNS v5.5 on blockchain

In this version of the network, a major change will take place. Indeed, the consensus will be updated in order to cap the relative weight of users votes given to @network_player.
It will have consequences on the network, as the more Unikname users there will be in the UNS network (and so UNIK tokens), the more @network_player will receive votes!
As it’s a big change, a dedicated post on this feature will be published in the next weeks.

This feature will also have an important impact on the’s consensus, so another milestone is planned for UNS v5.5.

I have question or remarks about these future features, what can I do?

Write and ask them below this post! :smile: It’s the right place to discuss them.

I want to become a Network Player. How?

No worry, you can join our delegates right now!
Just follow the Becoming a Player documentation to become one of us!


2 milestones planned :flushed:
How long time will we have in order to update our node between release date and milestone switch date?

One or two weeks, it would be enough.

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Hi, I will be on vacation and will not able to do this upgrade before 26th september.
Is this upgrade mandatory or my node can still be in 5.3 ?

Thx !

HIi @a_lasselle,

The date that the milestone will enforce UNS v5.4 on will likely land in early October.
You will have until this date to update your node, so it seems compatible with your calendar :wink:

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