Some UI bugs - My Unikname App

Task type: Bug report

- Your OS: iOS
- Version (for My Unikname App only): Commit efa26db (2021-04-13T15:18)
- @unikname used during your test: @louneskmt
- Task dates: 2021-04-14
- @unikname for your reward: No need for a reward

  1. My Unikname App cannot handle too much Badges / Trophies. In fact, when they don’t fit in the page, this last will be extend horizontally and scrollable. You may need some style improvements to handle better overflow.

  2. I’m always having a hard time selecting the Unik I want on the @unikname page. Most time, I have to double tap to open one.

  3. Typo: dot missing in @unikname page help popup.

  4. On the “Home” page, if I drag down from the middle of the page, it will reload my pending connections. However, if I drag down from the banner or the total balance, it won’t reload my pending connections and just scroll down the page (see below). By “drag down from” I mean starting from.

  5. Unikname and Settings page shouldn’t be scrollable if there is no content outside the view.


Thank you for the report. We’ll fix it asap.
I’ll ping you on time.

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:gift: next week :crossed_fingers: :wink:

Hello @louneskmt
Could you test our latest release (94579c0) ?
Those bugs should be left.
We’ve also improved unikname list page design and reactivity.

Only small iOS screens still have scroll issue. We’re working on it.


@Guillaume Really good job guys! Working great, and you even improved the Unikname view :ok_hand:

Another thing: I don’t think the property’s three dot menu is still relevant. Instead of going to this three dot menu, then chose ‘Details’, could be cool if just a tap / click on the property displayed the details.

You’re right !
We’ll add it to the backlog :slight_smile:

Last release should contain a :gift:

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