Special $1000 giveaway for the easter period, Claim Your Egg!

Hi everyone.
For the easter period we’ve added a special trophy badge for every @unikname ID and a special 1000$ giveaway to boost our community in preparing for our future token sale.

:dollar: :dollar: :dollar: :dollar: :dollar: :dollar: :dollar: :dollar:

Everything in the uns.network blog post here :point_down:

Claim Your Egg to participate!

Everyone can participate. If you already have your own @uniknameID then you need to update you app with the last version (goto settings/about/ then scroll down and click on the update button).


How to receive your giveaway in crypto ?

This post is reserved to logged in users only :slight_smile:

:point_right: https://forum.unikname.com/t/how-to-receive-your-giveaway-in-crypto/1002

I can’t see “gift box button” :grimacing:

The easteregg giveaway ended last midnight !

Stay tuned for the next event :money_mouth_face:

Thank you for this Easter giveaway! I managed to join not long after I created my unikname id and it was a fun way to explore the features in the app :smiley: I am still gradually reading the resources about this project and slowly exploring this forum (first day here so I’m still a newb!)


Thank you everyone for having participated to this successful special event. :100:

335 Eggs have been claimed and 159 @unikname ID have been created.

Winners have been informed by tweeter and all have receive they gifts :gift:.

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