Stuck with unik:disclose

Following doc to become delegate

I’ve used the id out of create for the unikid. Is it ok? What’s wrong?


Hmm, some part of the documentation seems to be outdated…

Updated command doc is here:


uns unik:disclose "@Magnum" -e "Magnum"
# or
uns unik:disclose your_unik_id -e "Magnum"

Using the Unik-name @Magnum will automatically link to your unik_id.

I will send a PR to update the doc at .

Here is the full process:

uns cryptoaccount:create

# get some tokens to your wallet address -

uns unik:create --explicitValue "hello-world" --type individual
unik:disclose "@hello-world" -e "hello-world"
uns delegate:register "@hello-world"
uns delegate:vote "@hello-world"

Yes, we’ll rework that with the launch of the Livenet.
Thank you