True Block Weight (TBW) for Automated Reward Sharing

As a network delegate, I use core2_tbw to automatically share the UNIKs I’ve earned with my supporters. In this topic, I will try to explain how I adapt and use core2_tbw to

Log in to your server and clone the core2_tbw.

git clone

Install the Prerequisites for core2_tbw

  1. Install pip and python3.6 or above

  2. Install pm2

     npm install pm2@latest -g
     yarn global add pm2

@TheBlackCat added unikname_livenet and unikname_sandbox files into the core2_tbw repository a few days ago. All you have to do is edit the config file. The config file is located at core2_tbw/core/config/config

Please read Configuration & Usage section and choose the right options to your needs from Available Configuration Options.

Go to the core2_tbw directory and use the following command to start the script.



For the first run you should choose 1.Install and than 2.Initialize options for installing required packages and create unikname_livenet_YOUR-DELEGATE-ID.db file. Then you can then select options 3 -7 to either run all modules of tbw or parts.

If you need help for installing/running the core2_tbw, you can send me a message. I am also available on Discord.

I am sharing 60% of my forged UNIK daily with my supporters by using core2_tbw.

Thank you very much for your support.


Hi @mtaylan, I’ve voted for you.

I’m @tom.magnum.357


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Thank you very much for your support :pray:

Great work @mtaylan!

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Thanks for the tuto. I think I will use it to reward my supporters. :+1:

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