Unikname Connect Dashboard - Release Note [2021-05-20]

:mega: A new version of the Unikname Connect Dashboard is out !

Welcome one and all to the first ever release note for the Unikname Connect Dashboard. You may have seen it, you may even have used it, or you may be discovering it right now. The Unikname Team is developing an easier way to configure the Unikname Connect solution on your websites with our brand (not so) new Dashboard.

A bunch of exciting new features are being developed as we speak. The newest one that will interest us today is

:woman_technologist: Access to dev websites

You can now quickly test the integration of Unikname Connect on a local instance of your website
For example, if you want to test the integration of a Spring Boot, Node.js, Django, Symfony … application, you can now do it on your own!

To do so, request credentials for a dev website directly from your Dashboard.

Select the integration technology you would like to use. Select a name for your website or generate one randomly. Finally, create your dev website!

The Unikname Team will then do all that is necessary to get you what you need to start testing. Have a little bit of patience.

The generated credentials will be available … in your Dashboard !

:interrobang: How can I create my Unikname Connect account ?

Want to install Unikname Connect on your website ? Create an account today !
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