Unikname for WordPress 8.3.0 is now available! (8.3.1 is out too)

Hear ye! Hear ye! We are excited to announce a new version of WP-UNC, the Unikname Connect plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce!

What’s new in 8.3.0?

:rainbow: Customize the colour of your Unikname Connect button

You can now choose a custom colour for the Unikname Connect button. Choose the exact colour you need with an hex code, or let the colour wheel surprise you.

And as before, choose the form of your button (rounded or squared), where it should go, and what it should say (among a few options).

:dizzy: New menu for the back-office

The menu has changed: new colours, new titles, same content (mostly). Shorter, clearer, and to the point!

:chains: New “Account Linking” experience

Link your @unikname to an existing account with the push of a button. Actually, several buttons.


The button above will take you to the usual connection interface. Enter your @unikname, approve the operation in your app, and you’re all set!


To configure it, go to the Account Linking menu. It’s been improved so check it out!

:hammer_and_wrench: Fixed logo transparency

There were some issues with logo transparencies. It’s all fixed now.

WordPress 5.6

This plugin is officially compatible with the new WordPress 5.6.
PHP 8 in the next version!

What about 8.3.1?

This version removes a useless Facebook SDK that was lingering. :broom: Begone !

Much :heart: to our partners

Wanna see Unikname Connect for WordPress in action?
Go to the WordPress website of our partner Cryptomaniac!


How to update?

You can download the latest release of WP-UNC or visit Dashboard → Updates to update the plugin from your WordPress admin screen.

What do I have to do if want Unikname Connect on my WordPress / WooCommerce website?

:sparkles: You can join our community right now! :sparkles:
:point_right: Just follow the Integrating Unikname Connect with WordPress and WooCommerce documentation!