Unikname for WordPress 8.4 is now available!

Greetings fellow humans!

Today, we are happy to announce the release of the newest version of our WordPress (and WooCommerce) plugin.

What’s new in v 8.4?

  • Password restriction options for users and administrators
  • New Security panel for … security settings
  • Official WordPress 5.6 compatibility
  • Official PHP 8 compatibility

Want more details? Let’s dive in!

Password restrictions

Unikname Connect enables passwordless login. It is convenient and improves the overall security of your website.
However, up until now, logging in using an email/password combination was still possible for every account. This meant there was still a password somewhere that someone could get their hands on.
This new version of the plugin lets you restrict the use of passwords.

There are three ways you can restrict password use: by user him-her self, by admin on behalf of a user and globally to the website.

User self-restriction

As a user, you can opt-out of password login for your account.

When this option is activated, the user can’t disconnect its Unikname account.

Admin-lead user restriction

As an administrator, you can access user profiles. As such, you can prevent other users from using their passwords to log in to their accounts.

Go to that user’s profile and update the appropriate setting.

General password deactivation

As an administrator, prevent ALL users from using their password to log in to their account. To do this, use the new security settings panel!

New Unikname security panel

You will find the new panel under Settings, in the plugin sidebar.


With this option, no user can disconnect his-her Unikname account anymore… in any case, until the option is deactivated :sweat_smile:

What password login deactivation looks like

As you can see above, everything looks pretty much the same. Big exception: the email and password fields have been deactivated. They can neither be filled by hand, nor via the HTML form, nor using the API. It is impossible to log in with this information, regardless of the means.
:point_right: Your connection is now truly secured!

Much :heart: to our partners

Wanna see Unikname Connect for WordPress in action?
Go to the WordPress website of our partner Cryptomaniac!


How to update?

You can download the latest release of WP-UNC or visit Dashboard → Updates to update the plugin from your WordPress admin screen.

What do I have to do if want I Unikname Connect on my WordPress / WooCommerce website?

:star2: You can join our community right now! :star2:
:point_right: Just follow the Integrating Unikname Connect with WordPress and WooCommerce documentation!

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